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Security warning
Please read before logging into your account

Unfortunately identity theft and internet fraud continue to be on the increase. Please be vigilant and protect your personal details as much as you can.

DO NOT respond to any emails requesting your login details or any passwords and do not follow any links to websites from links provided in emails – even if the email appears to be genuine.

Scotwest will NEVER ask you, via email, telephone, or by any other means, to divulge your internet banking login password. Your password is like the PIN for your bank card - it controls access to your account(s) and should never therefore be revealed to anyone.

Members can check that they are linked to Scotwest internet banking by:
    - Observing the locked padlock symbol located in the bottom right corner of their browser.
    - Clicking on the locked padlock symbol to check the certificate.

If you have any concerns or require any further information, please contact the Scotwest Member Enquiry Line on 0141 227 2390.

Ahead of exciting changes to our mobile and online banking, could all members please log in to their accounts to ensure that the contact email and mobile phone number listed is up to date. This will allow you to quickly and easily register for the new system when the time comes.

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