Internet Banking Security Warning

Capital Credit Union advises clients to ignore bogus emails that have links to a "ghost" internet banking website or that request confidential information such as your Member Number and Access Password.

Of recent times, there have been constant unauthorised attempts to breach the security of financial institutions. This activity has taken the form of bogus emails sent to customers containing a link to a "ghost" website located overseas. The "ghost" website is designed to capture valid internet banking Member Numbers and Passwords, which are then used to fraudulently transfer funds from their accounts.

While Capital Credit Union has not been the target of such criminal activity, we are alerting our clients to the possibility of such scams. Capital Credit Union will NEVER ask you, via email, or telephone, or any other way to divulge your internet banking Access Password. Your internet banking Access Password is like a PIN for an ATM card - it controls access to your account(s) and should never be revealed to anyone.

Clients can check that they are linked to internet banking by:
  • Observing the locked padlock symbol located in the bottom right corner of their browser.
  • Clicking on the locked padlock symbol to check the certificate.

  • If you have any questions in relation to this matter, please call our Member Services on 0131 225 9901.

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